Saturday, April 12, 2008

i m so so SO angry !

i knew something was fishy since the morning. Mommy woke me up earlier than usual, fed me, gave me my vitamin drops, massaged and bathed me... all along being very very sweet... i thought this was just a nice day, or mommy woke up on the right side of the bed (as i let her sleep well last night). however my friends, that was not to be.. it was a ploy !
papa was being extra nice too and talking to me in rhythmic tones... i chuckled n cooed n gurgled... then i dozed off...the day was going so well.
until, i opened my eyes and found myself at the horrible doctor's clinic :-(
he gave me a BIG ouchie-wa-wa shot on my thigh, n i screamed ! i hate mom-dad.
then i got home n refused to take my feed.. puked out all my previous feed in protest and went to sleepy-land instead.
mommy gave me some crocin drops to ease the discomfort... but well, it didn't... wait till tonight n i will get my revenge.
till then i m sulking.. as u can see from my pic here (i still look so handsome!)... he he he


Raghav said...

how mean can they be!
to do something as cruel as to get their own flesh and blood 'shot'
i feel like punching your dad on his nose, and well.. spank ur mom!
emaan love, you get your revenge tonight

brocasarea said...

dude it must be dpt or opv inj right[3rd dose]..its for ur safety shut up and sleep now!!!!!

brocasarea said...

and plz dont call me uncle [feel like a 50 yr old when u say that] me bro...

Aryan said...

It is Ok yaar..all part and parcel of life...cheer up

Swati said...

Handsome as ever...We will take revenge ..dont sulk please ..have food ..okay :)

Alok said...

Darn those doctors and their needles and knives! Well, get used to it, this is just the beginning.

Hope you had your revenge. :P

Btw, any cute nurses over at the doctor's place, eh? ;)

And how come your profile shows you to be 28?

Huma said...

emaan u r talking like me haa haa haa bee mean n stay kool its the way of life dude!! luvya muaah!