Sunday, January 23, 2011

A visit to Gods Own Country....

Recently i had the opportunity to travel down south for the first time, with my parents n nana-nani. The excuse was a close family friends engagement, but we made the most of it by exploring some of the most beautiful places in Kerala -- Cochin, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Munnar etc.

The trip was truly a refreshing experience for all of us.... its a beautiful green state, and the time of our visit was also apt for sight-seeing; not too hot or too rainy. Just Perfect.

We had rides on elephants, took boat rides to a wildlife sanctuary by the river, hiked on a small mountain in the rain (awesome), visited a tea factory & tea plantations.

It was a 10 day long stay after which my nana-nani came back to Delhi, but mom-dad and i decided to take a small 3-day detour via Bangalore. This was an unplanned extension to our vacation and we made the most of it ! We saw lions, tigers, bears etc from a feet's distance (we were in a van ofcourse). I even got cool tattoos made.

For more pics, visit my dad's page on Facebook -- RC Photography.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A stint with Adenoids

i tell u, growing up really is a pain ! The number of experiences we kids go through is not funny.

If tonsils weren't enough, there is a set of another equally annoying gland at the back of our little throats called ADENOIDS. I hear, their REAL purpose in our bodies is rather questionable (like that of appendix, gall bladder, tonsils). I assume hence that they are there for filling up empty pockets of space in our bodies, where God couldnt fix anything else.

Coming back to the point, i recently had a stint with 'Mr. Swollen n Infected Adenoid' and also majorly blocked ears due to accumulated wax overtime (eeeeeeewww) ! So i had real high fever and almost 5 days of terrible time sleeping / eating / breathing.

The first ENT we went to asked us to go for a surgery to remove the adenoids immediately. The news terrified my parents beyond belief n literally drove my mom up the wall with stress ! However, good sense prevailed and we consulted a better (more good-looking) ENT - Dr Nidhi Dhawan. She said no surgery was required n that I would overtime get better as adenoids shrink with age.

I am much better now (Alhamdulillah) and back on my feet for more mischief n chaos around the house.... the stress of which my mom is more than happy to deal with :-)

This is me.....

Papa : Emu, drink up ur milk quickly so u gain some weight
Emaan : Then ill become fat ?
Papa : yes baby, ull become nice n chubby
Emaan : nah, i don't want to become fat. I am good as is....So no milk for me.
Papa : :-@

Papa and i are having a cool sword fight (aka BEN 10 style); when an advertisement on TV catches my attention and distracts me from our game. The following conversation thus follows:
Papa : Oye, chalo khelte hain
Emaan : (lost watching TV.... no reply)
Papa : Oye ladke, khelna hai ki nahi ?
Emaan : Papa, aap mujhse aise baat mat kiya karo. Ab main bada ho gaya hoon.
Papa : (a bit surprised) Kaise baby, kaise baat nahi karun ?
Emaan : aise mujhe 'oye' nahi bola karo, ab main bada ho gaya hoon.
Papa : :-@

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm 3! and sorry for being away this long :(

boy what a pain growing up is.

and by boy george i never realised there would be so much to do.
well a quick update, i am now 3.
ive been to school, and its going to get worse, as dad tells me.

very soon proper school begins! aaaaaaaaaaa!

but im still a baby :(

anyway i had my 3rd bday party to celebrate my entry into 'boyhood'

there's just so much to do now, my day is literally packed with activities.

i have to play with my toys in the morning, after breakfast go out and play in the park

then its lunch and a quick nap..

then some playing with my cool ben10 sword.

after ive killed enough evil aliens its time for a quick snack..

in between all of this, i just about manage to squeeze some time out for cartoons and some reading too


anyway, i promise to be more regular now with updates.

so what's your day packed with?!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad !

It was Dad's 30th bday yesterday..22 June. And we celebrated it with some of his friends and some of Mom's friends ..with the cousins at New Friends Club. I had a LOT of fun, just running around and bursting balloons !

Heard that the food was awesome too, and mom kept chasing me to have some....but like always I didnt ;-)) was just too busy having a good time and dancing to "jalwa jalwa" ..... !!


Funny times in my life......

the image you see above is of a banana-octopus that we learnt to make in school last week. It was made by eating half the banana, and using the remaining half as a base (head) of the octopus. The skin was carefully divided into 8 tentacles and 2 raisins were neatly places as its 'eyes' ! voila ! that's your banana-octopus right there !

i made this at school and got it home and kept it on Mom's laptop so she see's it first thing when she gets home from work ! but guess what, while i was out playing in the park mom came home ..saw the 'half eaten banana' and threw it away assuming i had forgotten to finish it !!

Gosh ! she is such a duh !!!!

I am also growing very smart by the day and have ready answers to some tricky questions hurled my way by Mommy..which eventually leave her speechless ;-) for example

"where do u learn to talk so much from" -- asked my mom.
"from my mouth" -- pat came my reply :-)

"what is your name, baby" -- asked mom the other day (like she doesn't know already!!).
"I am Emu Salman Khan" -- i said confidently ;-)) THAT caught her off-guard for sure !!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I definitely hate mosquitoes !

"If you think you're too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito."

I am perfectly aware that the mosquitoes have a purpose in this world, but why don't they attend to it? Their destiny is to keep down microscopic insects. Why don't they stick at that and not trouble innocent unoffending prospectors who can't carry a curtain?

I mean SERIOUSLY what purpose do they possibly serve...?! None, according to me.

Not that ive any personal enemity with the blood-sucking bug, but I can't imagine why the community is after my little life ! Look at the horrid pictures below of my arm and thigh, where Ive been attacked by these silent killers ! And there are many more bites......and all this in a period of 24 hours !!

Just a little rain in Delhi, and our locality is full mosquitoes already ! Wonder what happens when (and if) monsoons arrive in their full glory. Although Mom feels that I might have ended up sitting on an ant-hill as well in the balcony, as I have been playing with the pots and wet soil where a lot of them are hiding these days.

Either way....its no excuse for anything in the world to hurt a little gentle beautiful sensitive sweet cute adorable (u get the point right ??) soul like ME !

Two-legged creatures we are supposed to love as we love ourselves. The four-legged, also, can come to seem pretty important. But six legs are too many from the human standpoint.

Now, here I am happily posing in my new Spider-man T-shirt before i left for my summer camp at school today.

(although Im beginning to think that i may also suffer from arachnophobia, besides the mosquito-insecto-phobia)

what's ur fear buddy ?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've done it AGAIN !

hey hey hey !

guess what buddies....ive been bitten by the greenery bug of late :-) what that means is that i am gardening on my own with lil pots n plants in the balcony.

Its so much fun and is a nature friendly exercise too ! in the process i am allowed to make a mess and play with soil & water ! Uff, what a killer !

and guess what, on one such occasion when mom got me some soil, empty pots and flower plants... dad took pics of me busy at work with all the cool stuff.
Later Mom sent the pics along with a write-up to a kids magazine "Mother & Baby".

And Ive been featured in this month's issue !!!!

attached pls find the scanned 2-page article from the magazine :-))

all you guys, pull ur pants up and plant a tree today ! Its World Environment Month in June ....and only then maybe the rain-gods will have some mercy on us scorching in Delhi heat.