Sunday, January 23, 2011

A visit to Gods Own Country....

Recently i had the opportunity to travel down south for the first time, with my parents n nana-nani. The excuse was a close family friends engagement, but we made the most of it by exploring some of the most beautiful places in Kerala -- Cochin, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Munnar etc.

The trip was truly a refreshing experience for all of us.... its a beautiful green state, and the time of our visit was also apt for sight-seeing; not too hot or too rainy. Just Perfect.

We had rides on elephants, took boat rides to a wildlife sanctuary by the river, hiked on a small mountain in the rain (awesome), visited a tea factory & tea plantations.

It was a 10 day long stay after which my nana-nani came back to Delhi, but mom-dad and i decided to take a small 3-day detour via Bangalore. This was an unplanned extension to our vacation and we made the most of it ! We saw lions, tigers, bears etc from a feet's distance (we were in a van ofcourse). I even got cool tattoos made.

For more pics, visit my dad's page on Facebook -- RC Photography.


Swati Kamath said...

Yes. Kerala is a nice place to visit. Happy to follow your blog. Do drop in to my blog to find some more interesting things to know about parenting.

Sahefa said...

wow emaan....all grown up ehhhhh.....sorry cudnt blog for some time...but m so happy to see you so grown up and still so active...muaaaah!

suvaiba fatima ahmed said...

aww emaan
i love ur pic
n ur blogs title
n even the post dats quite ovcorse typz..!!
gr8 2 see such young ones as active bloggers..!!
keep ryting...!!
n i lyk the tatoos too..!

Sach! said...

My 1st time here and I see Kerela. The trip I have been planning for days... :)


Will be back for more.

And nice pics.


Hi Emaan, i m watching u ok ...plz be regular ... :)

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