Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Funny times in my life......

the image you see above is of a banana-octopus that we learnt to make in school last week. It was made by eating half the banana, and using the remaining half as a base (head) of the octopus. The skin was carefully divided into 8 tentacles and 2 raisins were neatly places as its 'eyes' ! voila ! that's your banana-octopus right there !

i made this at school and got it home and kept it on Mom's laptop so she see's it first thing when she gets home from work ! but guess what, while i was out playing in the park mom came home ..saw the 'half eaten banana' and threw it away assuming i had forgotten to finish it !!

Gosh ! she is such a duh !!!!

I am also growing very smart by the day and have ready answers to some tricky questions hurled my way by Mommy..which eventually leave her speechless ;-) for example

"where do u learn to talk so much from" -- asked my mom.
"from my mouth" -- pat came my reply :-)

"what is your name, baby" -- asked mom the other day (like she doesn't know already!!).
"I am Emu Salman Khan" -- i said confidently ;-)) THAT caught her off-guard for sure !!