Friday, January 21, 2011

This is me.....

Papa : Emu, drink up ur milk quickly so u gain some weight
Emaan : Then ill become fat ?
Papa : yes baby, ull become nice n chubby
Emaan : nah, i don't want to become fat. I am good as is....So no milk for me.
Papa : :-@

Papa and i are having a cool sword fight (aka BEN 10 style); when an advertisement on TV catches my attention and distracts me from our game. The following conversation thus follows:
Papa : Oye, chalo khelte hain
Emaan : (lost watching TV.... no reply)
Papa : Oye ladke, khelna hai ki nahi ?
Emaan : Papa, aap mujhse aise baat mat kiya karo. Ab main bada ho gaya hoon.
Papa : (a bit surprised) Kaise baby, kaise baat nahi karun ?
Emaan : aise mujhe 'oye' nahi bola karo, ab main bada ho gaya hoon.
Papa : :-@