Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I've done it AGAIN !

hey hey hey !

guess what buddies....ive been bitten by the greenery bug of late :-) what that means is that i am gardening on my own with lil pots n plants in the balcony.

Its so much fun and is a nature friendly exercise too ! in the process i am allowed to make a mess and play with soil & water ! Uff, what a killer !

and guess what, on one such occasion when mom got me some soil, empty pots and flower plants... dad took pics of me busy at work with all the cool stuff.
Later Mom sent the pics along with a write-up to a kids magazine "Mother & Baby".

And Ive been featured in this month's issue !!!!

attached pls find the scanned 2-page article from the magazine :-))

all you guys, pull ur pants up and plant a tree today ! Its World Environment Month in June ....and only then maybe the rain-gods will have some mercy on us scorching in Delhi heat.


Tushar Mangl said...

An environmentalist in the making.
Way to go Buddy!!!

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