Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway to Manesar !

What a fantastic weekend I had :-) Mom n dad took me to Heritage Resorts at Manesar (about an hour's drive from south Delhi).

The place is built in Rajasthani old fort style, wish a large lawn in the center and 2 pools (one for the kids and one for the adults). Mind you, I had a fabulous time in both the pools :-) well, cos I am just so super-cool !

The rooms were beautiful and i enjoyed a lot of cartoons in the afternoon..had a lavish lunch at the Restaurant...did a LOT of running around and tried to catch the birds and even chameleons in the lawn ! What fun !

In the evening there was a folk dance n music program next to the pool, where i too danced with the troupe. It was hilarious but what a blast !!! I did fall a few times and hurt my face, head etc but who cares ! i was thoroughly enjoying my time-out.

Mom n Dad then took me to Ambience mall in Gurgaon the next day, where we had lunch at a jungle Safari restaurant; which had life-size elephants, giraffes, monkeys, crocodiles, turtles and a forest like atmosphere..I even enjoyed a lot of rides in the kid's play area - Fun City.

Did you take your brake yet ? If yes, where did u share !



heloooooooooooo Emaan,
How are you dear?
u grown up, gr88...i m seeing u after a long time....sorry ..i was busy in my life ...
well u knw wat ...i saw in that magazine in landamrk ...u were loonking very sweet as usual...
hope wen u will be of a age to read this post ...then u will definitly remember us ...
This blog and all these comments are just preparation for u, that wen u will be like us u will feel special after reading this. Say thanx to ur parents they are great!!..Allah bless them ...

hope i will be regular in posting comments ...Love u ...
From Farhan

Express said...

a haunted house at the gujrat border.. but we 4 mental people were so loud and indifferent, that even the ghost lost interest :P

then a week at my friends farmhouse with my best mates

and a 3 day trip to a nearby hill-stn wid dad!

are holidays awesome or what?!

Emaan said...

hi farhan good to see you after so long :-)

thanks for dropping by Express and Farhan :-)