Thursday, May 20, 2010

When you like your work every day is a holiday!

Hurray Hurray, its a holi-holiday!
Yeah...thats right Summer breaks are here and no more going to bed 'early' or waking up drowsy :-) I am thoroughly enjoying my summer holidays, although i must admit the Delhi heat is quiet killing (its already a touched 45 degree mark) !

so ive been doing lots of cool activities at home to kill my time fruitfully ;-) like paper-machie, planting pots (and playing with gooey soil n water) and painting !!! Ive recently discovered the magical tool 'scissors' which i use to cut cut n cut everything in sight. Was once caught mid-way by mom while i was attempting to cut my own hair. Gosh, doesn't she know i was only trying to save her some bucks ! she doesn't let me play with the scissors without her hawk-eye supervision. Damn.

to beat the heat, i take 2 or 3 or more (if nobody's looking) showers in a day. And howl if i am dragged out of the bath-tub. What fun ! But the other thing that ive recently started doing is to roam-around butt-naked <3 its the best feeling in the world ! aah... all pleas n requests from my parents n granny to wear my shorts fall on deaf ears....

Stay a child while you can be a child, is what i believe in :-)

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