Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Recently celebrated Mother's Day (May-9) at school. It was LOADS of fun... everybody's parents were invited for a small get-together organised by our lovely teachers.

Mom was there with me; and we played a little in the kid's area before going to the class. We kids (Shaza, Yuvraj, Shivain and I ) gifted a bag full of cards and stuff we had made in school during the week for the upcoming event.
We had a party with cakes, cookies, lemonade, chips etc and clicked lots of pictures.

I cried a little too, cos while Mom was in the teacher's room asking some things; i assumed she had left. But she soon came back and gave me a big bear hug !

I love you Mamma, Happy Mother's day !

And here's a bonus - IndusLadies has compiled an ebook which has a database of all Mommy bloggers ( !! Ain't that super cool ! All you ladies must join in too :-)


brocasarea said...

my wishes to ur mom dude:)

Meena Maami? Meenu Mommy! said...

:).. Wishing your mom a very happy days irrespective of mothers day or not

Swaram said...

Wow thatz so sweet :)