Wednesday, April 28, 2010

have u done your bit..little bit ?

Recently mom put up a note on her FB profile, which read -

... instead of giving coins, buy in bulk small packs of Glucose biscuits (Rs.2 / Rs.5 version). Keep them in your car, and give these to street kids when they approach u at red lights :-D I am starting this today. Will you ??

Seriously, its astonishing to see that in a country like our's lil babies still die of under-nourishment; and the one's who barely survive are ferried around at red-lights under the scorching sun. Its so sad.. Often ive seen babies, toddlers and kids staring helplessly (and hopelessly) into nothingness. Mom and ive felt so bad for them.

The biscuits / donating old clothes / left-over food / old crockery etc is one way of helping these people in our cities. I know we can't change the world / system; but we CAN try.

Any other suggestions are also welcome. We hope u do your 'little' bit for the lil ones out there.


Tushar Mangl said...

But then thr arises a point that many street kids demand (not ask) for cash and disapprove of kind.

m.flowerr said...

And many a times, these kids are not satisfied with what you give them....then what?

Swaram said...

Thatz a nice idea, but I hv even seen kids throw it and walk away .. sad that they r forced to beg money this way :( :(