Monday, April 26, 2010

The Good and The not so Good

Okay let me start with the 'not so good' news first...
we (me, mom, dad and a friend of my parents - Mithu mamu) went to Saket, a posh shopping complex area yesterday for lunch and shopping. The day was going really well..i played in a kids play-pen area with mom and then shopped for toys too :-) bought awesome 2 dinosaurs (papa dino and emaan dino) and a musical orchestra set (which mom regrets buying now cos of all the noise i make with it) !!

we headed for the food-court and settled in TGIF's..moments after we placed our order, there was panic n chaos all around ! on enquiry we learnt there was a Bomb call in the mall, and everyone was asked to vacate immediately !!!!
my god what frenzy... our car was inlevel 2 basement and we were so psyched out !! madness ensued, but thanks to Allah we were all safe, and nothing happened.

Now the GOOD news !!
Today was SHOW & TELL at my play-school, we had to take one of our favt belonging / toy from home and speak a sentence on it... I took both my stuffed lion and the new dino's i bought yesterday .. and guess what i performed really well 9the best in class actually) and my name with a pic was put on a star on the notice board !! above everybody else's !! Yeaaaaaa.... !

The teacher even called up Mom after school to tell her how good i was :-) hehehehe !!
Ain't that super-cooool or what ?!


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keep it up:)

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