Saturday, April 19, 2008

is it teething ?

hello everybody...
another new development in my life... swollen gums.
could b possible sign of teething as the doc puts it.
actually ive been a bit irritated of late - not feeding well, not sleeping as usual or for as many hours that i used to, im drooling a LOT, i tug at my cheeks & ears and im constantly chewing my fingers.
im normally awake for 2 hours at a stretch during the day n then take a nap.. but yestrday i just cudn't sleep for more that 10-15 mts at a stretch.. also at night instead of dozing off, i was awake for almost 5 hours n displayed all the signs as mentioned above.
mommy got really worried n took me to a doc today... he said no fever, no ear infection... but could be sign of something coming up.. or possible teething..

any of u little baby-bloggers gone through this phase ?
pls guide my hassled mommy.. home remedies / tips / anything that could help me.. and give mommy some peace of mind and relief to me

love and wet kisses ;-)


Imp's Mom said...

hang in there angel went through the same thing at 3 months.. unfortunately ur too young to be given any medication and the best thing would be to chew on ur mum or dad's clean finger. Tell them to massage your gums and chew away to oblivion :) also time to get teethers :)

love the new look and tagged!!

Swati said...

Yes , Chewing fingers and water dilled teethers help. Bio 21 is a home pathetic calcium. I have been giving that to Aryan since he is teething. It really helps. My MIL used to say , applying honey to gums also helps , though i never did it religiously.

Aryan said...

Ahh..I can very well..My Mom used to try to rub icecubes over the gums..But I never allowed her to do any such remedy..