Sunday, June 29, 2008

They spy with one evil eye ...

born out of love
guarded by angels
evil can do him no harm
he's the wizard, the knight, the prince.

swirling they come
flying on black wings
sons of evil,
burning all that stands in their path.

but his armour they cannot break
no chinks here, they hit, they burn
and fizzle out; nothing to take.

with each hit
he gets stronger,
ever growing into the man
that he is destined to be.

"dare me no more" he screams
"leave now or face my wrath
there is nothing for you here
you can't win,
for this is the abode of love".
Note: This past week hasn't been too good.. the poem comes from there. Dad burnt his hand, ive not been keeping too well and mom's not well either.. sigh. My granny says its the evil eye of some 'bad' people. But, as i had written once before "you can't see me".. hence, the evil eye can't do much, cos we shall overcome.


Alok said...

The eye of Mordor
lays its gaze upon you,
But Love is the greatest
Of all Magic
And you shall overcome.

But without this "eye"
And its "evil" gaze
How would Love find its
Rightful place,
In our hearts?

Wish you, your Mom and your Dad a speedy recovery.

Trish said... poor sweetie.. hope you feel better soon,baby and hope you mommy n daddy feel better too .Sending you lots of good vibes..Evil eyes Vamoosh!

Swati said...

aww ..wish u all the best!

brocasarea said...

get well soon!!......

Akshay said...

Yeah...Hey...well my last week (and a half) has been terrible too.... I have not been too well (its more mental than physical)... dark clouds of utter negativity : mujhe bhi kisi ki nazar lag gayee hai.....

So I thought... at least I will watch some good movie.... well nothing really good came out this week..anyways U are my best loved family on internet (no kidding)....I told u this previously I guess...u guys make me wanna get married (and thats a huge thing for me)......

I don't really have any words of wisdom lil buddy..... best wishes for all the health (and wealth too)

Express said...

boy, take good care and stay safe.


Meghna said...

Wish ur mom and dad a speedy recovery.....wish the evil eye really bad lucka nd wish that it vanishes soon!!!

BTW, when everythng gets bck to pay me a visit too....only if u can!!!

Anonymous said...

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Mama - Mia said...

get well soon hugs!! :)

am sure its a matter of time when the evil eye is totally vanquished!! :)