Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tis the festive season

so after eid it was my turn to celebrate my first diwali.

Good fun.

Got lotsa attention, my grand-dad-mom were kicked, i dressed up and got to keep some money. Mom dad were fast to pocket those with a promise of banking them in my account. we shall see about that, and yes i remember the total so no cheating dad!

I liked the diyas, the lights and the firecrackers.

They made such a noise! Golly-woosh! I wasnt scared, and i guess that was a big deal cos everyone went:

"Look at him! He is not even scared of the firecrackers!"

Grown-ups can make big deal about everything.

The street dog was scared and i wanted to pet it, but my stupid mom wouldnt let me.

Now i'm off on a HUGE trip. Going to the gulf to visit my gran-dad-mom.

Month long vacation, will get you guys lots of pictures!

My 1st b'day is coming up in jan...anyone who thinks/knows they will be in delhi around that time is invited to the party.

Details later.


Express said...

Haaawww......Happy diwali!!!!

and I am still scared of fire-crackers :-| but, those rockets that burst in the sky are too good no?

u look too good!


brocasarea said...

hmm....seems like u had a blast!!!..:)....

Akshay said...

Hey Dude...You Njoy your trip!!