Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

more fun at the beach. this time at it when the water runs up my toes. makes the sand tickle :)

its time for lunch. wheres that steak?

now for some fun at the king fahed park in dammami got genie, got any wishes?


Sahefa said...

wonderful pics bro...really looks like fun

Alok said...

No bikini girls there?

Akshay said...

masti ho rahi a baap!!!

brocasarea said...

yeah...want to meet u!...

Jimmy said...

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Emaan said...

sahefa...yes i am

alok...sadly for dad, NO !

akshay..full time bidu

broca...anytime ur in delhi


Mama - Mia said...

he is looking sooo grown up!! :)

and totally cute!

and the trip sounds like total fun!



Divya said...

aww.. aren't you adorable :)

zephyr said...

wowie!!! U had some major fun time!!


Chriz said...

yes i want to marry jessica alba