Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bites hurt, but stings hurt even more!

Yes Bees are bloody mean.

For those of you who have not had up close and personal experiences with these hyper little creatures, well they are like overgrown flies with needles sticking up their backsides.

The creatures collect honey for a living but have a really sour sense of humour, tickle them and they will prick you with these needles.

Why am I giving you guys this crash course in Bee-ology? well because I had a close encounter of the Bee kind.

Yesterday a Bee stumbled into our home, wanting to steal some of that honey that mom keeps in the kitchen, but nothing escapes the sharp eye of Emu, I caught it sneaking across the living room.

And OW!!
The little bugger stung me right on my thumb.
Mommy and Daddy thought that it was a prick but then daddy spotted the bee lying on the floor and they realised what it was.

I howled on top of my lungs, so much so that even my Daddu came running upstairs wondering what had happened to his little Emu.

Mom put some weird smelling liquid on my thumb which actually made me better, and I got a whole lotta kisses and hugs by everyone.

Heh heh that felt nice.

Tips for Bee/wasp stings:
* Scrape the sting off (never pull) with a knife or credit card.
* Wash with soap n water, apply antiseptic (savlon, dettol, amritdhara).
* Rub some baking soda (for bee sting) or vinegar (for wasp sting).
* Meanwhile, have some anti-allergen (any medicine for your cold will do).. I had T-Minic. Do check with your physician though.


Chronicwriter said...

hahaha... bee ology at its very best...

scraping with credit cards!!



next time kill the bee.. show the bee your fighting skills

Akshay said...

I recommend watching "Bee Movie"

poor you though... be careful... watch out for the tatiyaa's

brocasarea said...

tc man...[curiosity kills the cat..remember]!!

as Akshay said do watch tht movie...:)

Huma said...

oooh my poor baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it will be fine!.....aww i feel so sad foryou :-(

Emaan said...

chronic...thats exactly what i was trying to do, but the damn bee struck first

Anwin Joselyn said...

Hi Emaan, was wondering if you are aware of the Delhi NCR IndiBlogger Meet 2009 scheduled for the 4th of April. Would be great if you can make it and blog about the event too. And please bring your dad and mom too :). We'd love to have you all at the blogger meet.



Sahefa said...

Oh emu...hope u r feeling well now

and thx for the info u gave about the bites and stings

i was giving my exams so i came here after a long time...and i can see that there really great changes in your blog

and u r growing up very fast mashaAllah

Shobana said...

Been a while since I came here. Ouch, ouch and ouch. It does looks painful. Bad cookies/honey for you today :(

And looks like our Emu has grown quiet a bit...keep growing and will catch up with you!

Chriz said...

bad bee... and emaan baby! where is your next post? you should be buzzing with activity and you wud have gained more world knowledge by now.. enlighten us

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! that must have hurt dude! but you seem to be a brave fella, innit?!

thank your mommy for those tips! :D