Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So so Sad...

what has the world come to.. no patience in todays generation i tell you.

u must be wondering what i m talking about. well, its about these 6 little cute b/w puppies that were born not more than a month ago outside our home. Aren't they cute ??

Now a month later, only 1 survives.. u might think they popped off due to the chill in delhi.. nah, thats not what happened.. it was these silly youngsters who drive around rashly. All 5 came under the wheels, not on one day, but over a weeks time.. sigh. they were so cute, healthy n chubby :-( and most importantly, they were my play pets. I miss u guys, uve amused me many a times.

The other pic u see is of some poor kids playing with sand n pebbles in the park facing my house. I found them so innocent n beautiful, and it was nice of my dad to take me there to play a while with them. What a life they lead. So so sad.

Wish i could adopt them, magar kya karein, meri sunta hi kaun hai !


brocasarea said...

thats why we shd learn to count our blessings!!:)

Akshay said...

same thing happened in my neighborhood also..... sob sob