Sunday, June 7, 2009

when dad's home..

...its fun timeeeeee :-)

we went to India Gate today, where there's a separate really ultra cool Children's Park with swings, fountains, aquariums, book shop, ice-cream vendors and ofcourse lots of space to run around. I had such a ball, running around and sliding (which i did on my own and surprised mom n dad)..

ooh boy ooh boy, it was so much fun !!!
except for one weird looking man who i didn't like much and refused to pose near him (my folks say it was a harmless dust-bin, but who knows.. looked shady to me) !!!!!!!!!!!!

next time u guys are here in Delhi, lets all go and have a good time there. Treat's on ME !!


Chriz said...

When i come to delhi... i am gonna meet up with you...
and emu baby! you are the winner of the contest!!!

Emaan said...

WHAAAAAAT ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank u so so so much.. i would like to thank God, my mom, my dad and my stuffed bear for all the support in the energy i used to think up those lines !!