Friday, July 3, 2009

Mumbai Rocking!

After the huge disappointment that was Nainital, Mumbai fared much better.

I had lots of fun, the weather was awesome, made lots of friends...a number of them celebrities...and all of them pretty! and shopped, and had fun on the beach too.

A pic of the skies from my window seat, and at the Delhi airport..Mumbai here I come!

Enjoying in the pool at Tayaji's society! what fun it was...and all those cute chicas with those wet swimsuits...i tell you..if only mom wasnt there.. sigh.. n she wudn't even lend me her mobile to take any pics of em!

With Mouni Roy..actress and friend of my Tayaji

With my friend Lambu- the giraffe, at Machan restaurant

With Chandan friend of Mommy Daddy, you can catch him in Kaminey- the new Shahid Kapoor starrer

With Pracheen (left), friend of Tayaji(right)..

Causing a splash at the Juhu me I left my mark there (refer to 2nd pic.. lol)

And here are some random pics from the trip, me enjoying totally as u can see :-)


Swaram said...

Wow Emaan! That was real fun!
U look cool in all pics .. as usual :)


sooo cute ....
u alwys rocking dear ..all the celebrities look dull in front of u.

Chriz said...

great mark you have left in the beach..:)

btw, i am still pondering over which cd to send you.. the cd that i had in mind was an +18 movie..

wud soon send.. maamaai wud keep his word for sure

brocasarea said...


Anurag said...

Kya emaan ..You came to moi city and didn't meet me :x

but anyways nice pics as usal..Must say Good mum n dad u hv got ..who brought u here knowing u didn't enjoy nainital :)

Keep Rocking \m/

Anonymous said...

OMG The bum pic is just too cute :) Lovely pics of your trip, I miss Bombay so much!


Akshay said...

sure looks like a lot of fun!!

Raghav said...
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Emaan said...


chris...what does +18 mean? i havent mastered advanced mathematics yet, but dad says its not an issue


anurag...i didnt time surely...pucca promise

memyhubby...thanx..i do have a cute tushi :)

akshay...thanx it was

Express said...

see, Mumbai IS that awesome!! :)

and oh, OH! u DID that nude show @ juhu? Now I know why the temperature some days back was soaring high and higher!

GOOD! u did need a neat vacation after all the stress @ nainital!

Wish u fun and loads of wet baths with hot women!


P.S. I LOVE the blue elephant picture! :)

Smita said...


So Finally Emaan had agood holiday :)

Mumbai can be fun na?

Swatantra said...

Great fun!! The Emaan name on the sand deserves framing!!

Thanks for the visit to my blog, hope to see you again.


awww emaan! I missed you when you came to see Aleena... (pst..pst.. isnt she cute, eh??)