Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sach Ka Samna

Hello Friends

Happy Friendship Day..

Today on Friendship Day I thought of making a 'tag' game especially for all my super-sweet friends :-) its called 'Sach ka Samna'.. he he..
All you have to do is answer these simple questions and come back to my blog and let me know uve done it; i shall check each one !!!! No Escaping !!!!

Oh, and if you like, u can tag people u like on this one.

So here are your questions .. BE HONEST pleaaaaaaassse !!!

- What is your guilty pleasure Disney movie?
- What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a bath?
- If anyone u know (name the person pls) could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would they have to do?
- What is your best physical attribute? and why ?
- Do you have a secret talent and what is it?
- What is one thing are you afraid of?
- If you had to spend eternity with one person, who would it be?
- If you had to listen to only three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?
- What did you look like in 5th grade? Describe or upload a pic..
- If someone made a movie about your life, who would you want to play 'you'?
- Who is most beautiful person you know (inside and out).
- If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?
- What is the most annoying habit that a friend/boyfried/girlfriend/spouse has ever had?
- What is the meanest thing that you have done till date? (time to come clean buddy)
- What is that one question u wish i had asked u.. u can answer it too ;-)
- What would have been that one question that you dread ? (i am so mean..ha ha ha)

Last but not the least.. I love u all guys.. thanks for being a part of my world.. it means a lot.. !! look forward to hearing from you after uve answered the questions on your respective blogs.



Swaram said...

U r on a tagging spree dude ;)
Sach ka saamna @ that :P

Where r ur answers btw?

Anurag said...

hehe ..thanxs for the tag bro...wd soon take it up....busy hoon yaar emu ...samjha kar ;)

Emaan said...

Swaram - well, ya, im on a fun spree to annoy everyone.. he he
i don't do this tag cos I made it !

Anurag - i shall wait :-)

Sahefa said...

OMG emann
how did these questions come to u?
sach ka saamna:P

really torturing questions

and by the way...where r your answers...
tum kab sach ka samna karo ge?

Emaan said...

sahefa - i m the boss in this case, so u guys shall have to dance to my tune !! lol

Shanu said...

Aww your baccha is super duper cute...and the way u write makes it cuter :)

Zlaek said...

okay baby. Anything for you!


hahahhha....Emaan ....
how do u come up with these things, first tagging up with very intrsting game and now 'Sach ka saamna'. Thank God, u havn't asked anything dangerous as wat hav been asked in Real Sach ka Samna...heheh...
well I m prepared for it....soon post it ....
u knw wat ..I m really enjoying it ...hehhe...
by the way U tagged me for this ...i m too tagging u for this ...U also hav to answers these question as it is mandatory.


man I completed the tag ons ..yooo....i m first i belive ....hehhehe

Anonymous said...

muah baby! thanks for the tag.. will do it soon!
I just was so busy with classes, that I forgot to come to your blog...Sorry baby, I'll try being more regular!:-)

Smita said...

Happy Friendship Day to you too :) and u look awesome in the header pic :)

'Sach ka Samna'??? Hmmm ahem!!! may be I will do it...may be I won't :)

Aryan said...

Hey look cool in your blue shirt. Will do the tag soon

Drwiz said...

Hey, Been very busy lately, will take it up soon:) Thanks Cutie...

brocasarea said...

sure...belated wishes:)

Sahefa said...

I have done the the sach ka saamna tag...

When will u do it :P

Chriz said...

haha emaan.. wud take this beitaaa... wud let you know soon..
tw u never answered the questions here