Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm back...and better than ever!

Yes yes, pour it on.
I've been away, i know i know... but do you think i didnt miss you guys...

I missed you guys too, my faithful subjects...ahem i mean friends.. hee hee

well, just that Im growing up so fast its amazing, there's so much to do, and i hardly get time off from playing to do any blogging. And any free time i get (from playing that is) goes in me running up and down the house so mommy can't feed all that weird stuff she keeps preparing looking at crazy internet recipes.

Im not gonna get into the details and gross you people out, so lets just say... its mostly green.


Greens I cant handle, but chicken! mmmmm

Love to gnaw on some juicy chunk of meat with my razor sharp canines...

Well, this one will be short. Just thought i'll say hi and announce my return.

Here are some pics of my recent trip to jaipur.

enjoy and do tell me what you guys been upto since i was away?


Swaram said...

Welcome bk rockstar :) Gr8 to c u bk in action! Hope we get to read a lot abt ur naughty pranks nw :)

Cool pics dude ;)

brocasarea said...

u look grt..welcome buddy!

Smita said...

Welcome back :)

And u look all grown up kiddo :)

Raghav said...
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Emaan said...

thanx guys

yes i am growing up

and that means school is round the corner

waaah :(

Anurag said...

welcome back dude...nice pics mann..glad u had a wonderful vacation after a damp squib in himachal..I think it was :P