Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bragging Rights

This post will not be a sweet, cute piece on my parents, or girls, or about playing.

This post is about bragging rights.
Its about being the fastest 2 year old around!

thats right, on the 25th jan, we had a small little party at school ahead of republic day
amongst other things there was a race held at the event, and guess what!!

i won!!!
woo hoo!

(well, unless u count the stupid 4 year old boy who insisted on running with us little two years olds and then finished the race before us. stupid guy. i shouldve tripped him)

anyway i had lots of fun

towards the end when i realised that i was going to win, i raised my arms and screamed yayyyyy as i crossed the finish line.

i got a gold medal and a gift. the teachers praised me, and took a picture of me with the medla and everything.

(the medal's actually a cut out with paper pasted on it, but its the winning that matters)

mom and dad were also very happy and mom bought me a doctor's set as a treat, cheapskate dad is still to get me one.
everyone praised me and applauded and pampered me after the win, and i felt nice.


Swaram said...

Oh dear .. thatz such a sweet win! Congratulations rockstar .. another feather in ur cap :) :)

Loved that kite :)

littlediva said...

Congratsss Super-star!
BTW,Tagged your Mamma!

brocasarea said...


Tushar said...

Congratulations :-)

Swati said...

congrats dude ..great!

Emaan said...


broca... thats wat dad's been calling me

Express said...


and u knw what? u r faster than other kids in many other things ;)


Rohini said...

Nice medal!

m.flowerr said...

Congrats kiddo!Happy for you:)