Sunday, February 21, 2010


Some excerpts from my life…

- At a Mall visit recently, while my mom n dad were window shopping and I was happily walking by their side; something caught my attention. I ran into the showroom with bright lights and V-day hoardings and dashed out moments later (as fast as my little feet could run) with a lion soft toy !!! on my heels were two bulky security-guards chasing me around to get the toy back !!! u can’t imagine the look on my parents faces… Priceless! They were so embarrassed and apologized to the security staff, while I looked all confused as to what the whole brouhaha was about !
Oh c’mon, im just a 2 yr old..! chill u guys !!!

- My life rotates around a world full of lions and cheetahs and horses and cow’s etc etc ! The other day when mom asked me what I liked more, the play-school or the Zoo..i didn’t take even a second to reply – Zoo !!!

- I’m such a imaginative baby, I tell ya.. Each nite I tell my mom interesting stories.. and she’s a very good listener too, unless she’s really tired and dozes off mid-way at times !

here’s a story I tell her almost everyday – ek lion thi, ek horse thi, ek hippo tha, ek hyena tha, ek giraffe that, ek cow thi…….. and it goes on & on & on..with names of all my favt animals who were ‘there’ ! where ?? well, in the story ofcourse !! at times I pause to think of more animals that are in my vocabulary…and at times I just repeat the same animals name many times, just to check on Mom if she’s awake or asleep already !

- my mom’s a mouse, my dad’s a monkey and I’m the Baby Lion ! We are a happy family :-D

- ive learnt how to brush my teeth now with my favt toothpaste CHEERIOS and I don’t even swallow the froth, I promptly spit it out !

More about my talents will follow :-D and how have u been ?


Momo's Ma said...

hey mr story teller and animal lover. ur antics are a treat to read. ur friend Momo's fave stories are also similar, with a bhaiya, horsie, Winnie pooh, piglet donkey and all her friends from school. :)

Swati said...

hahhaha..loved all of them :)