Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Modesty is a vastly overrated virtue :-)

Hello Hello Hello !!!!

three cheers for a hat-trick, well almost... what im talking about is me getting featured in 3 magazines ! Two covers and one Kid of the Month ! Ain't that a catch !! hahaha.. i am so thrilled .. i made Mom a celebrity .. hehehe ! all you guys wanting an autograph, pls do write..i would only be too glad to oblige !


MOTHER & BABY magazine, March 2010 issue.. We are the cover story ! Me and Mom !

PARENTING magazine, March 2010 issue.. I am on the cover again..and 2 images inside as well !!


Swaram said...

Wowie! Ofcourse, I need ur autograph ;)
Lvely pics .. esp. the one on the cover of the Parenting magazine :)

Emaan said...

thank you Swaram.. ! yea..im just 'pretending' to eat that big cherry ..lol !

Momo's Ma said...

triple Hurray for the little super star. will get the mag asap. god bless mommy n the Hero

brocasarea said...

oh..thts grt 'dude':)...keep it up!

littlediva said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...congrats again..when you are a big Man..at least I can say,..Ohh Emu..usko toh humne bachpanse dekha hai..:P
That being said..please send the autograph..:D

jameel said...

Boy keep going, we are glad and proud of you.

maryam2cute said...

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haseena107 said...

i just found your blog, I don't even know how. I am so impressed with the time and effort you take with your son, the activities you two are involved in together. and in India! are you on FB? I'd like to follow your blog there.