Sunday, April 27, 2008

how bizarre, how bizarre !

here's another shocker from Planet Emaan.. aren't i full of surprises !

well, ladies n babies, u won't believe your eyes n ears.... mommy discovered a MOLAR in my lower left gum !!!!!!!!!!!

ya, ya.. i know its very unusual.. but does explain why a good baby like me has been 'not so good' of late :-)

mommy felt the lil devil molar while massaging my gummies with honey.. she cudn't believe what she felt n kept feeling it over n over n over......

she tried to peek in but i blocked the view with my tongue.. not done i thought.

and now what surprise are u going to spring on us, said dad.

i don't know guys.. im still a week away from completing 4 months !

so while i leave my parents thinking n wondering, i will play with my doggie poo-poo.


Alok said...


Molars... Darn things trouble you later too. x(

That Doggy-toy is so cute!!! I want one too!

Alok said...

P.S. I think "Eat My Shorts" was better. :^D

brocasarea said...

hmm....doggie planning to have another birthday???

Swati said...

Too cute pic :)

Aryan said...

Wow..he is looking so cute..

Trishna said...

WOWWW not even 4 months and your first molar already!! way to go!! I didnt get mine time I turned 9 months.. Muaah..Aadya

black coffee said...

lol! hey there emaan you look so adorable!

you are just a couple of weeks older than my lil neice Akshaya. And she is just as unusual as you. can you believe that she is teething already?? not even 4 months old yet!

~nm said...

He looks so cute. And the look on his face is so funny! :D

Congrats on the first tooth..err a mola Emaan!

Mama - Mia said...

wow!! that was quick!! Kabir is 9mponthsplus and no signs of teeth!! hehe!!

way to go!!

though you dont need teeth to chew on momma's brains... do ya?? :p