Wednesday, April 30, 2008

meri dincharya... meaning, My daily schedule

my day begins early at about 7-8 am. Thats when I get up to poop. It gives getting off the right side of the bed a whole new meaning for me, and it always brightens up my mornings.
After that i play for a bit with a mommy too sleepy to play and a daddy too much in a rush for office to be cute.
As I play mom and dad grab a quick breakfast, after which its time for my first feeding of the day, the first of many.
Then its time for my massage, mom does it really well inspite of her injured wrist and then gives me a warm water bath which always puts me in a good mood, but then mom spoils it all by putting clothes on me.
Then comes my second feed of the day during whic i invariably dose of...on these summer afternoons who could resistnapping after a full body massage followed by a bath and a warm bottle of milk :)
When i wake up in the afternoon mom grabs a quick lunch while i play with granny, she is not much good but well she tries.
I hope she learns some tricks soon or am gonna get bored.
Well after giving mom a long 15-20 minute break I scream for her to finish eating and attend to me, which she does, such a sweetheart i tell ya, and plays with m before putting that bottle back into my mouth.
Everyday i resolve not to drink and fall asleep but somehow that milk just always gets to me and i doze of.
Evenings are meant for play, for mom that is, she makes me do all sorts of crazy things and sometimes puts my shorts on my head, so i look like the head nun or something, no puns intended.
She makes me laugh by making funny faces and sounds and after a quick tea and snacks takes me out for a stroll by the park or the market place.
That usually tires me out, riding on mom's shoulder all over the market is heavy work and once we return i like to relax by taking a short nap.
By now all that milk has made its way down to my intestines and i start to fill quite full.
So mom makes me crap for the second time.
Then its dinner time for mom, and dad is usually back by then so i play with him for a bit while mom gulps down her meal.
Thats also when granmom and grandad play with me, Im just happy with all the attention and so I put on my cutest face and smile and make cute baby sounds and cough and sneeze and make hugging gestures and flay my arms and legs about and finally all this makes someone or the other pick me up and carry me.
Which was what i wanted from the start.
This is also about the time when mom starts referring to me as the crazy kid as I am at my active best and wanna play. Mom however just wants me to drink milk and sleep but how can I? im bored after having done it over and over the entire day so I try and stay awake as much as possible, much to the dismay of mom and dad.
The day finally comes to end when i tire and fall asleep.


Sahefa said...


Alok said...


Seems like your Mom and Dad have tried another crazy thing with your apparel. What is it, a swimming cap, or your own pants, eh?

These parents, crazy, I tell ya.
*shakes head*


Nice schedule. Wait till you have to go to school...

Something to Say said...

looks like u have a full day emaan....

Mama - Mia said...

AUITE a hectic and full day the l'il dude has!! :)

good job mommy!! :D