Monday, May 5, 2008

Four Month milestone

How life changes in just 4 months!
I am now 4 months.. and Milestones this month are :-
* I can raise myself up on straightened arms while lying on my tummy and look all around.
* I can grasp a rattle.
* I laugh out loud.
* I squeal with delight.
* I smile spontaneously (more at mommy).
* I pay attention to very small objects (newspaper prints, magazines, toys).
* I experiment by making new sounds.
* I recognize parents.

phew ! now isn't that a LOT...
oh and ya, mommy has now started me on Dal pani (cereal water)... it tastes awful, but then maybe i will get used to it like all other things (including my irritating mom n dad).


brocasarea said...

happy monthly birthday!!!

~nm said...

Pick your tag here

Swati said...

Cool..Thats a LOT ..Congrats :)

Chriz said...

fart sounds like dads.. hahaha.. that was gud... doesnt matter abt the sound.. the smell matters little one...

Alok said...

*Evil Laugh*

Daal Pani.

There is more to come!

Aryan said... are looking cute dear..

Mama - Mia said...


awesome lot to do for a month old!! :)

well i started Kabir off on solids a li'il late actually! but daal ka paani is good and so is banana! you can also try giving him stewed apple. peel it, cook it till its soft, mash it and feed him!

i guess by next month you can start off on moong dal and chaawal cooked and mixied in almost liquid form!

i also gave Kabir khaara sooji! i still do! just roast the sooji like you do for our upma n all on l'il ghee, once done add lotsa water and salt and jeera powder to taste! let it cook till it reaches a semi liquid kinda state! and its ready! :)

hope this helps!!