Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ive been tagged by nm- whats in my bag !

hello everyone.. this is Emaan's mommy here... ive been tagged by nm and must tell whats 'in my bag right now'...

okie.. so here goes (this maybe very boring)

  • lipsticks

  • chapstick

  • comb

  • wallet (debit cards, cash, driving license)

  • clutcher

  • pen

  • eyeliner

  • coins

  • mobile (if im stepping out)

  • a pic of emaan and his dad :-)

that's all.... cheerios !


~nm said...

Hmm..you seem like a clean and organised person unlike messy me :P!

Chriz said...

cute theme blog. loved it.. i came here after a long time. sorry for the delay.. thank you for visiting my blog..

Aryan said...

Nice to know more about you...

Trishna said...

Nice... And very sweet of Emaan to let you write something..:)
BTW< where can I send you an email?? Aadya wants to send sweet love-notes to Emaan..

Aryan said...

My footsteps follower cum buddy..you are awarded..

Aryan said...

Right from beginning he slept on his back, he never used to sleep on tummy...Many a times,,I wished to see him sleep on tummy..even now,,he sleeps on back...Thus I am not in a position to give you tips yaar...

Jyoti said...

What a cute pic of both of you :)