Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Special Friend

Daddy is my special friend, the two of us are buddies
I always like the things we do, I'm thankful for my daddy

Happy Father's Day Dad, U R THE BEST !
and oh, a belated Happy Mommy's Day too.. he he he. had forgotten to wish her then.. but i guess its never too late.. Mommies always understand.

I love u folks..
so did u guys wish your dad today ?


brocasarea said...

happy fathers day dude!..:D

--xh-- said...

:) kepe teh frndship gng, emaan.. and yeah.. mummies can understand, even if we r late... :)

Express said...


was just scanning blogs and came across urz, pretty decent writing skills I must say ;-)

Yea, wished daddy, did a massive post oh him, love my dad! It was a happy happy day, hope even you had fun wid daddy....


Anonymous said...

hellllllllllllllllu emraaaam...... ur lucky unlke sum ppl that u got sucha wonderful daddy and always listen to what they say okies?? and when u grow big then samby uncle will teach u to ride a harley..ohh u already do that dnt u...hehe 3 cheers for emu the love machine!!!

Akshay said...

I am Tagging you yet again!! Check my poetry blog!!

Sahefa said...

Happy fathers day...yup i did!