Friday, June 13, 2008

It's all dark tonight baby

you can't see me,
I got 'em cool shades and I ride a harley
I'm too fast for you
what's a mosquito, a fly, a bumble bee
nothing is faster than emu, that's me.

So step back and make way,
get on your knees and to my beat you sway
scream and shout, jump up and about
throw your hands up and scream
"all hail prince emaan" the fastest love machine.


Akshay said...

You are going to be a rock star with all your passion for shades..... you' are all set to be a love machine.... rock'n roll

Alok said...

*Crazy Guitar Solo By Alok*

Chriz said...

wowie.. do you wet your bed? if so, you and me have one thing in common... but i have stopped it now... and your glasses are really cool? aint the outside world Dark?

Emaan said...

akshay...yes roll im doin already, soon ill start to rock it too baby!

alok...can i hear it?

chriz...i do wet the bed, but then isnt that what bed sheets are for?

Huma said...

yo yo yo words...

brocasarea said...

"fastest love machine"..what is that?

Alok said...


Check this out. (Download the clip from this link)

It's not really crazy, but that's the craziest I can get :P

Upar se, the whole thing is done on an acoustic guitar. And the recording is done using a laptop mic, so the quality isn't that great (you can actually hear crows somewhere). :D


--xh-- said...

yo buddy, u cool, eh?
welcome to teh biker club, emaan... :)

Mama - Mia said...

EMAAN - you one mean rapper dude!!

Express said...

sure, the fastest lurve machine.
and the coolest rap-king too!

P.S. Mario rules!

Danish said...

dekho kaun aaya....
aaya hai DON