Monday, June 9, 2008

A failed shot at love

It was love at first sight.

I dont believe in it, but I knew what it was the moment I felt it.

That magical moment when I laid my eyes on her, I smelled rain in the sunbeams, roses in every bush and the stray dog started to look like one of those giant cartoon butterflies.

I knew I was in trouble as she smiled at me from across the bench. She was with her nanny, and that was a good sign, mommies always complicate such situations.

My mom started to take pictures, too lost in the cute look I had in my eyes, not knowing it for what it was.


and then she did this...

It was a turn off, to say the least, seeing her dig her nose.
But what really took the cake, the bakery and the neighbour was that she was a he!!!!!!!!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, meet Ashmit Singh.
My new friend, ahem, and a very pretty looking boy I must admit.
Anyway I bid a quick adieu and asked mom to give me a bath.


~nm said...

hahaha! Anyone could have mistaken that lil girl ..err..a boy for a girl! :)

Emman's mon: Be prepared for emaan to do the same and trying to put the same finger in your mouth! :P

Mama - Mia said...


i hope Ashmit's mom has no idea about your blog othawise you gonna get thwacked on your l'il baby bottom for showing him dig his nose!! :p

LOL NM!! :)



Chriz said...

haha.. baby.. i blogged abt ya in my 183rd post.. take a look.. and you off to a flier at such an young age.. how did you find that he was a boy? did anyone tell you?

Alok said...


First Gay experience, eh? ;)

Alok said...

Oops or should I say, near-Gay experience? :D

Wunderyearz said...

That was hilarious.......

Akshay said...

I am glad you are learning the ways of life....Love is difficult and so is dating.....

brocasarea said...

lol....what a snap!!!

Sahefa said...

OMG! Is that really a boy? How can anyone believe that.

Chriz said...

maamaa jee also posted abt his love story.. wanna check it out? read it without your parent's knowledge .. ok

Huma said...

aww..emaan its ok...hota hai better luck next tym sweety..n yeah make sure u to ask the gender before u fall in "love"

The Gypsy said...

hahahahhaa you poor baby!!!Ummaaaaaaaaaaaaah to you.. you know munchkin is still here for u..even if she is a few months older :)
Oh !and ask ur mommy to write back :)

Manpreet said...


I came to your blog from ~nm's and am I glad I did.
Must say you write well for a proxy writer :-)