Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom strikes again!!

So this is what our kitchen looks like now.
Well, narrow put some yucky stuff to cook (for me ofcourse, something she calls dahl-eyah)and then took me for my bath.
But while giving me my bath she smelled something fishy...or rather.. a fish being cooked!
so she called the maid...and YIKES! the kitchen was on FIRE!!!

The maid fortunately had the presence of mind to put the fire out, I didnt have to step in and put my super-peeing-power to use.

But there was smoke everywhere, turns out the gas hose was cracked at the mouth and the gas leaked out, fortunately the damage wasnt much and we all escaped unhurt.

Mom got a BIG lecture from daddy on being careless while see she has been guilty of burning a pan or two in the past....down to a crisp!

Mom strikes part 2.
Look what she did to me...all i did was rub her lipstick on the floor tiles and the wall...and maybe mess up some of that powdery stuff.
And ya rubbed those tiny soft brushes in the crack of the wall...just innocent cute fun.
and look what she did!
Now she says she will put this pic in my passport!

But inspite of all that I love her from the bootom of my heart, my knee, my bum...everywhere.
Happy mother's day mommy.


brocasarea said...

hehe....happy mothers day to ur mom!!:))

Chronicwriter said...

rockstaa baby...

your mom sure has had her fun in the kitchen and on ur face too..

sad that you couldnt use your superpeeing skills..


Smita said...

awww!!! this is such a sweet post and a lovely blog as well...

I have fallen in love with the idea behind this blog :)

Mama - Mia said...

and what a present this is! a make-over for the ghar using Mamma's make up! :p

hope the tube has been changed by now!



Anonymous said...

Cute pic of Emaan. And that kitchen looks scary, good to know that no one was hurt.

Aryan said...

Oh have grown a lot

Farah said...
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Farah said...

oooo boy ur mum iz best mum in d world...luv u baby muaah......