Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer time blues!

Its like a hundred degrees in the sun these days.
Seriously, the other day mom left an egg outside and it cooked on its jokes!
So I have devised a way to beat the heat...

but thats not all people... i got a brand new pool too!
its soooooo coooool!
its got these inflated thingys attached which i love to pull at and bite into and burst...but more than anything i love splashing around in it..

so take my advice friends...splash some water and dip yourself in a pool and beat the heat


Chronicwriter said...

you slept inside that too?


now i will take that advice..

let more advices come..

brocasarea said...

its raining like hell here!!

Emaan said...

thank you Chriz mama, im a storehouse of advices.. he he.. more are yet to come !!!!!!!

Brocas, where are u ??? its like a furnace here in delhi !

brocasarea said...

bangalore dude!!