Wednesday, December 2, 2009


hello there,
I am here to give you some very important news, so listen carefully.
Are you ready?
here goes:

I have just joined a playschool. Yes that's right, i am now a school going boy (so what if it is only for one and a half hours and 3 days a week, school is school)
but you know what, its not as bad as i thought.
In fact ive been having a lot of fun.
they have been teaching me all kinds of things in school, i made a kite with triangles of paper, floating amidst cotton clouds.

they also made me make a gate with icecream sticks.

then we do a lot of fun activities like 'pop the bubble' and play with blocks and tubes and stuff.

ive been having so much fun!


brocasarea said...


Swati said...

wow..very cute

Swaram said...

Wow wow li'l big boy Emaan :) Congrats on the milestone :)
The pics r sooo cute as always eh ;)

But, do make some time and keep us all updated buddy ... miss u big time :P

Anurag said...

congrats emaan....U r growing slowly..I just can't wait the day you start writing :)

Express said...

wosh! the gate looks so official!
Bet it opens only for Mr. President!

som gupta said...

wanted to wait for VALENTINE day for free kisses!
but now i cant wait
to crash the GATE
nd hug u ,kiss u,

m.flowerr said...

so cute....and the gate is as amazing

som gupta said...

hEY Emaan,I am so lucky u 've greeted me within 3 days of my B'DAY!Tho' u never went to Facebook;it's ok and I feel blessed.lovey:when is the great day,the day ?January 3? Let me remember ...If I fail to call ,please remember I LOVE YOU !

Anonymous said...

Hi Emu,
Woww thats a big milestone!You are a big boy now!
Come back and write some more!