Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday, Blues.

i celebrated my 2nd birthday recently. It was initially meant to be a small affair but Mom thought that she could invite some friends who have kids just to add extra fun for me.

She blocked the terrace of a restaurant nearby, and followed up on the decorations, music, a special tiger shaped-cake and games for the party.

Unfortunately, as god would have it, it started to rain on that very day and at hat very time; moments before the guests were invited. U can imagine her plight.. poor thing, her heart sank! But what she didn't realise was that we kids can enjoy anywhere :-) our party was shifted to the basement (which seemed fine to me).

we had a tattoo maker and a magic show too, besides the music and dancing! So it wasn't too bad after-all.


Swaram said...

Ahh, so there u were hvng fun when we were missing u :)

A very happy bday Emaan :)
Luv ur ufff in the 2nd pic ;)

Emaan said...

hello Swaram.. so nice to hear from u :-)
thank u !
yes, i missed u all on blogsville !! he he.. its just my lazy parents who don't upload stuff as often anymore .. i shall be more strict with them henceforth!