Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas and New Party at my play-school

We had an awesome Christmas party at school (i know this post should have been posted prior to the post on my bday.. but u understand, my parents are too lazy!).

My mom n dad accompanied me to the school, and on special request of my teacher, my dad played Santa!! He looked so funny, and so so nervous too :-)
he refused to pose for a pic in the costume !! lol

the teacher told us stories and poems on christmas.. and we made our own stockings too! Later we had a mini-party with all the mommies getting lots of home-made stuff for us lil ones. I loved the noodles made by Mia's mom! Thank u, aunty.
I played a lot with my class-mates - Mia, saara, Ziyaad and Rehan.

Oh, mom & i also wore a red-nose (pic included) just like Rudolph the rein-deer. It was so much fun! I was the last kid to leave school, that too cos i was literally carried away by mom ;-)


Swaram said...

Oh wow! Sounds cool ... keep hvng fun and keep us posted ;) ;)

Last pic is awesome!

brocasarea said...

belated birthday wishes..funny snaps:))

Swati said...

i loved your and mumma's nose

Bruce Sallan said...

Emaan - You are SO LUCKY to have parents that care so much about you! While you're a kid you will hate all the photos and all the videos, but later you'll have a record of your life that you'll cherish forever AND share with your kids! Just tell Mom and Dad you want a sibling!

Bruce Sallan
"A Dad's Point-of-View"