Friday, January 21, 2011

A stint with Adenoids

i tell u, growing up really is a pain ! The number of experiences we kids go through is not funny.

If tonsils weren't enough, there is a set of another equally annoying gland at the back of our little throats called ADENOIDS. I hear, their REAL purpose in our bodies is rather questionable (like that of appendix, gall bladder, tonsils). I assume hence that they are there for filling up empty pockets of space in our bodies, where God couldnt fix anything else.

Coming back to the point, i recently had a stint with 'Mr. Swollen n Infected Adenoid' and also majorly blocked ears due to accumulated wax overtime (eeeeeeewww) ! So i had real high fever and almost 5 days of terrible time sleeping / eating / breathing.

The first ENT we went to asked us to go for a surgery to remove the adenoids immediately. The news terrified my parents beyond belief n literally drove my mom up the wall with stress ! However, good sense prevailed and we consulted a better (more good-looking) ENT - Dr Nidhi Dhawan. She said no surgery was required n that I would overtime get better as adenoids shrink with age.

I am much better now (Alhamdulillah) and back on my feet for more mischief n chaos around the house.... the stress of which my mom is more than happy to deal with :-)


broca's area said...
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broca's area said...

without gallbladder u think u can digest the potato chips u eat?!!

Nature Walker said...

Hey! Emaan... Good to see you here and (Blush! Blush!) Thanks for your compliments!
I sure am glad to here you are doing great.
Adenoids do serve a very important purpose in our body- especially as we are growing up. It is the training ground for our immune system. That means this is where we learn to fight infections and respond to things our body does not like!
All the best!
See you sometime soon,

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