Friday, June 11, 2010

I definitely hate mosquitoes !

"If you think you're too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito."

I am perfectly aware that the mosquitoes have a purpose in this world, but why don't they attend to it? Their destiny is to keep down microscopic insects. Why don't they stick at that and not trouble innocent unoffending prospectors who can't carry a curtain?

I mean SERIOUSLY what purpose do they possibly serve...?! None, according to me.

Not that ive any personal enemity with the blood-sucking bug, but I can't imagine why the community is after my little life ! Look at the horrid pictures below of my arm and thigh, where Ive been attacked by these silent killers ! And there are many more bites......and all this in a period of 24 hours !!

Just a little rain in Delhi, and our locality is full mosquitoes already ! Wonder what happens when (and if) monsoons arrive in their full glory. Although Mom feels that I might have ended up sitting on an ant-hill as well in the balcony, as I have been playing with the pots and wet soil where a lot of them are hiding these days.

Either way....its no excuse for anything in the world to hurt a little gentle beautiful sensitive sweet cute adorable (u get the point right ??) soul like ME !

Two-legged creatures we are supposed to love as we love ourselves. The four-legged, also, can come to seem pretty important. But six legs are too many from the human standpoint.

Now, here I am happily posing in my new Spider-man T-shirt before i left for my summer camp at school today.

(although Im beginning to think that i may also suffer from arachnophobia, besides the mosquito-insecto-phobia)

what's ur fear buddy ?


brocasarea said...


Express said...

the mosquitoes don't serve any purpose at all.. no? I'll change my PhD subject to research ways to eliminate the race of the deadly insensitive beings that hurt u so bad! they-do-not-deserve-to-live!

rats it is!
and snakes *shudder*

Akshay said...

yeah.... i hate em all..... but god created them!!

m.flowerr said...

I hate them as well...any idea to conquer mosquitoes permanently?:)

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